Primary School

P1 and P2 English


P3 and P4 English


P5 and P6 English


P1 and P2 Mathematics

Having a good foundation in Math will help your child become more confident in Math and pave the way forward in a successful learning experience in the coming years.


P3 and P4 Mathematics

Math is now more complicated than before and your child may be showing signs of having difficulty in understanding the concepts or solving problem sums.


P5 and P6 Mathematics

Your child is now nearing the final lap of his Primary school education. It is crucial that your child does his best and score the highest possible grade for the Math Exam.


P3 and P4 Science

In the early years of Science learning, sparking the curiosity coupled with the right fundamental process skills and answering techniques are key. Discover the wonders of Science with us!


P5 and P6 Science

DEBUNK the myth that Science OPEN-ended questions are SO DIFFICULT that only a few ‘lucky’ souls are able to answer them accurately! With a solid grasp of CONCEPTS, and complex questions met with CLARITY, your child can answer CONCISELY!


Secondary School

Lower Secondary English


Upper Secondary English


Lower Secondary Mathematics


Upper Secondary E Maths


Upper Secondary A Maths


Junior College





Parents, we hear you!

“My child cannot keep up with changing syllabuses”

Staying relevant and competitive is important, but some of our children simply cannot cope with increasingly difficult questions.

“My child feels left out by the cookie­-cutter approach”

No education system is perfect, much less are the learning needs of each child specifically catered to. One size certainly does not fit all.

“My child got rejected by reputable learning centres”

Help should not come at a premium. Some students were ironically denied of admissions because their grades did not make the cut.

As parents, their stress is also ours to bear, but we are here to address your concerns. Since 2009, many parents have entrusted their children to our NIE­ qualified, former teachers with at least 5 years of teaching experience, to see a dramatic improvement in their grades. We have helped cohorts of students by:

Keeping up with changing syllabuses

With a maximum of 8 students per class, our students receive undivided attention and maximise the time to clarify their doubts while fostering & benefitting from group­ based learning.

Tailoring to the needs of each student

Some students learn better by aural instruction, others tactile. We employ a variety & combination of strategies to meet the learning preferences of individual students.

Ensuring help is around the corner

The progress of our students are charted and regularly communicated to ensure milestones are met. We do not turn away students who are academically challenged.

We Care, We Nurture, We Believe

Knowledge Trail Learning Centre

Established in 2009, Knowledge Trail Learning Centre is more than just a tuition centre that helps students excel in academics.