Success Stories

Thank you Teacher Darrin and Teacher Clarissa for the loving support and encouragement you give Sharlynn. With your guidance and loving effort, she is more confident in her Maths and English subjects. She is so happy that she did well for her Maths and improved so much in her English Paper 2!
Teacher Clarissa takes extra time after class to explain and clarify for Sharlynn what she didn't understand during class. Sharlynn has made tremendous improvement in her composition, vocabulary, comprehension cloze and comprehension open ended questions.
Teacher Darrin also takes time to explain and guide Sharlynn with all her challenging problem sums she tagged out to bring to class. His help in preparing her for her exam made her feel more confident and she even scored full marks for her MCQ!
Sharlynn is more confident now and aims to do even better for her PSLE.

Ms Michelle Teo Sue Ann

Sharlynn's Mother, North Vista Primary School

Erin scored A* and A for her Math and English Prelims.
Erin has been attending English and Math lessons at Knowledge Trail Learning Centre since 2013, when she was Primary 3. She was an average student then.
Teacher Darrin and Teacher Charissa are both dedicated, nurturing and competent. Under their tutelage Erin has benefitted and her grades have improved tremendously. Both her teachers are very helpful and patient, Erin can always approach them whenever she faces challenging questions that she could not solve. They constantly motivate and encourage her to do her best and believe in herself. Erin likes her teachers in the Centre very much, she always look forward to her lessons at Knowledge Trail.
We will not hesitate to recommend anyone who needs help in their studies and none more so qualified than Teacher Darrin and Teacher Charissa! Thank you very much for helping our girl, Erin!

Mrs Vivian

Erin's Mother, CHIJ OLN

My daugh­ter, Clau­dia has improved sub­stan­tially on her three weak­est sub­jects i.e. Eng­lish, Maths and Sci­ence since she started attend­ing tuition at Knowl­edge Trail Learn­ing Cen­tre.
The tutors have made her feel com­fort­able and she has built up her con­fi­dence in those sub­jects. She is now more moti­vated to work harder for next year i.e. Sec­ondary 2.
We are grate­ful to the tutors in help­ing my daugh­ter over­come the chal­lenges she faced in her stud­ies. They are also patient and car­ing to the needs of Clau­dia mak­ing sure she is able to han­dle the pres­sure from tests and examinations.Thus, we would not hes­i­tate to rec­om­mend any par­ents to send their child to them.Thank you so much for the help, Knowl­edge Trail.

Mr Rick Koh

Claudia’s Father, North Vista Sec­ondary School

``Rachel has attained an 'A' in English in the recent PSLE. We were both very happy when we saw the 'A'. I really would like to thank Mrs Charissa Tan for helping her in preparing for the exams. Your patience and concern to share her progress with me has enabled me to guide her when she was at home. She has made great improvements in her composition and tackling of comprehension open ended questions. Mrs Tan's pointers and weekly readings exposed her to different genres and also helped her to be more reflective in what she reads...``

Mrs Irene Wong

Rachel's Grandmother, Marymount Convent School

I have benefited from Knowledge Trail through their care and concern that the teachers have showed towards me. Teacher Darrin shows his concern towards me although he does not teach me directly, and would ask about my progress in Math through my mom.
I attend their Math tuition every Monday afternoon. Although I feel tired and worn out sometimes, Teacher Jack is able to keep the mood of the lessons lively. I feel that I have learnt something new.
He is patient, caring and is able explain concepts to me clearly. My Sa2 grade has improved tremulously from a low 70 in SA1 to a high A1.
Thanks Teacher Jack! 🙂

Danyel Foo

Secondary 1 Student, ACS Barker 2012

Dear Mr Tan,
Thank you for giving me a wonderful and enriching learning experience. Your patience and care has helped my weakest subject, Math, to improve. In the first semester, despite my forgetfulness and carelessness, you continued to guide me with patience. Now that I am able to take A Math, I feel relieved with a sense of achievement. Mission Accomplished. Thank you.

Cheong Jun Wei

Secondary 2, Woodlands Ring Secondary School

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