Upper Secondary E Maths

Are you

  • Frustrated that your child still cannot do well in E Maths even though you have invested a lot of time and effort?
  • Becoming more worried with each day that passes, as the exams draw ever nearer?

E Maths is one of the core subjects in the O Levels because it is a requisite subject in many courses in JCs and Polys. Understandably, most parents feel anxious if their child is struggling to do well in E Maths. If the above scenario describes you, it is with great probability that both you and your child are facing tremendous stress.
Yet, honestly, it is not difficult to do well in E Maths. In fact, we have helped many students, who were previously failing, to get a B3 and above in their exams! Our secret in positively transforming these students, is quite simply summarized in the 4 steps below.

We help your child

  • Fully understand the concepts
  • Know when and how to apply the relevant formulas through the teacher’s demonstration of solving problems and exam questions
  • Gain confidence by doing different types of questions himself or herself with the close guidance of the teacher
  • Check accuracy of answers so as to minimize carelessness

By using the above framework, we have helped our students gain a competitive edge over their peers with many of them getting the desired A1 grade.

Benefits of attending our lessons

  • Our lesson materials follow closely to the schools’ progression of topics. Hence, your child will be ready and fully engaged during the Math lessons in schools.
  • Your child will be exposed to solving questions from both past-years school exam papers and GCE O-Level exam papers.
  • Careful attention is given to how the solution should be presented and how to avoid commonly made mistakes.
  • A small class size of just 6 to 8 students, so that your child will be given more attention and care compared to other tuition centres.

After I have attended this English tuition, I did improve on my language and from a fail in composition (situational writing), I managed to get a pass! The teachings were rather beneficial too! Through this Maths tuition, I really love Maths a lot now. Thinking back on how much I used to hate Maths in the past, and how Mr Darrin made me understand Maths so easily that I fall in love with Maths. Honestly speaking, I have really benefited a lot from every single Maths lesson, and now, for every test, I will definitely get an A1 for sure!


Secondary 4, Dunearn Secondary School, 2010

I've been attending Math lessons from Sec 3 to JC 2- and from the first lesson to the last, I have always left my classes with a crystal clear understanding of the topic and no doubts - in my ability to learn and handle Math.
From an F9 A Math student , I have graduated with a B3, and my Maths went on to be my best scoring subject in the A levels! All notes were concise and every concern was addressed.
Tuition has really provided a learning experience I have always sought after as a student.
Mr Tan is a truly passionate teacher with an excellent disposition and teaching method. He not only equips you with exam techniques, but the confidence to handle obstacles in the future.
Thanks Mr Tan for all the help throughout the years! Will definitely miss your classes.
Keep inspiring students!

Isabelle Ong

Christ Church Secondary School, Pioneer Junior College

Dear Mr Tan,
My mother and I initially planned to come by and visit you. Unfortunately, it looks like we arrived at a time that was inconvenient for you, since we were informed that you were picking up your children.
Since I have to rush off as I am going out for lunch with my friends, we have left a box of chocolates for your family, but will definitely come by another day.
But thank you very, very much for helping me to get an A1 in Additional Mathematics - never would I have expected this. I am sorry that I was not always the most diligent of students, but extremely grateful to you for pushing me to work hard and believe in myself.
Thank you!

Anne & Christine

I have improved by a great margin of E8 in sec 2 EOYs to A2 in my o levels for math due to no small part from teacher Darrin. He is also very kind and funny towards us and his methods of teaching made math fun for me. I am extremely grateful for the help I received and owe a large part of me improving to teacher Darrin.

Tan Wee En

St. Gabriel’s Secondary School

Mr Darrin Tan is an exceptional educator, motivator and a lot of times even a friend. When I first joined knowledge trail I was getting F9-E8 for E maths. After I joined, I noticed significant improvements in my results and even exceeded expectations by getting a B4 in the next test. Mr Darrin Tan managed to prove to me that Mathematics is not as hard as a thought it was, and even made mathematics one of my favourite subjects. I am very grateful to him for helping me get from a F9 to an A2 in mathematics.

Gabriel Lee

St. Gabriel’s Secondary School

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