Lower Secondary Mathematics

Does your child feel

  • Discouraged because he is not able to keep up with the Math learning in school?
  • An increasing loss in self-confidence with every test result?

Being former secondary school teachers ourselves, we understand the hurdles your child faces in his learning of Math in Secondary school. Your child wants to do better in Math, just as much as you do. But in almost all of our encounters with the students whom we have encountered, we have found out that your child faces some genuine challenges in his pursuit of better results in Math.

Your child may be feeling trapped and feels like he is on a conveyor belt in school. Regardless of whether he understands the lessons in school or not, homework and tests are dished out regularly, sometimes at an alarming pace. It is not the fault of the school’s Math teacher too because there is simply so much to teach and there are so many other students in the class too.

Over time, children who regularly don’t  know how to solve the Math questions given as the home­work despair and give up on themselves in Math, believing that they are just not meant to get good results in Math.

In some cases, some children even observed that their school’s Maths teacher spends more time disciplining the class rather than teach­ing. This adds on to your child’s challenges in learning Math.

Let us help you and your child!


Since 2010, we have helped many students transform into confident and capable students who consistent get excellent results in Math.

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