P5 and P6 Science

Dear Parents,

We understand the frustration you face when preparing your child for the Science PSLE. With the fast pace of lessons and changing syllabus, it is difficult to ensure that your child gets the help desperately needed to score high marks in the Science PSLE.

Here at Knowledge Trail, we specialise in turning students who are struggling in Science to become confident learners and top scorers. Some of our previous students were even labelled “weak” or “hopeless” in Science!

With THE major exam looming come P6, it is inevitable that both you and your child wants to be well-prepared and ready for it.


  • Are you having difficulties getting your child motivated to learn Science?
  • Is your child still scoring poor grades even after spending hours on end doing revision and getting help from tutors?
  • Have you just had enough of trying out different private home tutors as well as enrolling your child in various tuition centres and still no tangible results?

“Learning is remembering what you are interested in”

– Richard Saul Wurman

Fret not! With our 3Cs approach in the teaching of Science, your child will

  • Acquire greater self-confidence
  • Be equipped with the right mindset and skills to excel in tests and exams

Our 3CsConcepts, Clarity and Concise – consists of the 3 main areas that we believe will get your child to obtain Science subject mastery and no more be left in the dark!



  • Vital that our pupils get their facts straight! This is afterall the foundation of Science learning.
  • They will be taught mindmapping skills and create mindmaps from Primary 3 onwards to aid in future revision of topics. Mindmaps are also used as a reflective tool by pupils to revisit what they have learnt and by teachers to gauge pupils’ concept mastery.
  • Hands-on sessions will be conducted as part of our multi-sensory approach in the teaching of science in our classes. Tactile and visual learners will definitely benefit from these lessons!


  • Armed with a solid foundation of scientific facts, pupils will then be taught strategies – annotation – to read and clearly understand the desired response to Science questions


  • No more long answers that beat about the bush – which can even be detrimental to the validity of the answer!

Pupils will be taught how to use key scientific terminology and be succinct when answering

Our approach to science at KT is to complement and fill in the gaps – yes there are gaps – that is prevalent in the teaching of science in mainstream primary schools.

We take into account the various learning styles that each individual pupil may have and our approach to the teaching of science caters to it with differentiated instructions.

  • Hands-on activities to reinforce concept/topic mastery for the bodily-kinesthetic or tactile learners
  • Appropriate and engaging videos and presentations for audio-visual learners

We will be imparting several learning and answering strategies to our charges in order to aid them in their schoolwork or examinations.

  • Understanding and deciphering information from data, tables as well as graphs

Understand the nature and structure of experiments-based open-ended questions and how to word their answers succinctly

Our Teachers

MOE-trained educators who are as passionate learners as well as educators of Science. Learning is a lifelong experience after all!

With a wealth of experience as well as a firm grasp of the current syllabus, we can aptly deliver our lessons to best suit the varied learning styles of our pupils.

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