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Attention Parents!! Are you at your wit’s end trying to get your child to answer open-ended questions accurately?

Are the piles of assessment books and practice papers still NOT producing desired results or worse, getting your child more confused and frustrated?

DEBUNK the myth that Science OPEN-ended questions are SO DIFFICULT that only a few ‘lucky’ souls are able to answer them accurately!

Students at KTLC will be taught specific skills on how to

  • READ (deconstruct what the question is asking)
  • LINK to Science concept(s) (YES, plural because many a times questions involve more than one theme!) and
  • ANSWER concisely those pesky open-ended questions with aplomb!

Discover how our 3Cs approach will equip your child with the right skills and boost their confidence!

Science Open-ended questions - MISERY or MASTERY??

Your child may enjoy Science lessons in school and understands the myriad of Scientific concepts he has learnt. However, your child’s performance during class tests and exams clearly indicates that he is struggling!

You worry that as questions get more challenging your child might LOSE interest in learning Science or worse begin to DISLIKE the subject altogether!

Being responsible parents that we are, we eagerly signed them up for enrichment classes, engaged help from many, different, private home tutors as well as tuition centres.

Yes, exciting and unique enrichment classes are full of pizazz and beaming with the “WOW” factor but at the end of the day, does it give your child the right answering skills needed?!

Thus, do you want your child to make meaning of whatever they have been learning in school for science and connect the concepts learnt to truly understand what answering an OPEN-ENDED question entails?

We’ll guide your child, first & foremost, to be aware of his own understanding of scientific concepts (or lack thereof) and with our 3Cs approach, steer them to answering the dreaded OE questions with confidence and accuracy!

Shift from misery to MASTERY with our 3Cs Framework in Science Learning at KTLC!


From our observations in the past, MOST if not ALL pupils we know enjoy their Science Lessons when they first encounter it formally in Primary 3.

Science, unlike Math (with its specific numeracy skills and non-routine problem sums) and English (intricate Grammar rules, notwithstanding), is often initially regarded as a breath of fresh air as children get to explore the things around them and pick up the first few important process skills like categorisation of things.

However, despite a plethora of interesting experiential learning experiences, pupils then have to grapple with answering peculiar Science questions. The struggle begins almost immediately for some as they grapple with concepts on one hand and figure out what the question is asking on the other.

This is where our 3Cs framework comes into play!


Vital that our pupils get their facts straight! This is afterall the foundation of Science learning.They will be taught mindmapping skills and create mindmaps from Primary 3 onwards to aid in future revision of topics. Mindmaps are also used as a reflective tool by pupils to revisit what they have learnt and by teachers to gauge pupils’ concept mastery.


Armed with a solid foundation of scientific facts, pupils will then be taught strategies to read and understand truly how to answer Science questions.


No more long comprehension-type answers that beat about the bush – which can even be detrimental to the validity of the answer!

Pupils will be taught how to use key scientific terminology and be succinct when answering

It is envisioned that with the 3Cs, your child will become a learner who is more

  • aware of his learning
  • critical when reading
  • confident in answering questions / solving problems

and ultimately achieve SCIENCE MASTERY!

Enough chatter, come and join us!

During the course of our SCIENCE lessons, your child will learn…

  • Our 3Cs – Concept, Clarity and Concise – the 3 main areas that we believe will get your child to obtain Science subject Mastery and no more be left in the dark!
  • Specific scientific vocabulary through our CheatSheets
  • To bolster his conceptual knowledge by creating his own MindMaps!

And so much more…

The usual price for a trial lesson is $68. It is worth every penny of your investment because of the transformation your child can achieve.

But because we want to help as many children as possible, we would like to invite your child to attend the trial lesson FREE OF CHARGE with no strings attached.

A FREE Trial Class Where They’ll Be Learning How To Apply Our 3Cs Technique To Their Next Exam Or Test Paper!

Beloved Parents

Wouldn’t it be awesome to know that in 30 days time, your child will do better for his Science Open-ended questions?

Picture this – your child, no longer dragging feet and dreading the learning of Science because now, he is more confident and more equipped to deal with the myriad of Scientific concepts and questions! He is finally loving learning Science again!

If the above is scenario is what you truly desire, HURRY and reserve a seat for a Trial Lesson NOW!

Complete the form below to book a Tuition Lesson! Our friendly staff will contact you shortly later to arrange the timing. See you on the other side!

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