P5 and P6 Mathematics

Your child is now nearing the final lap of his Primary school education. It is crucial that your child does his best and score the highest possible grade for the Math Exam.

If you want your child to

  • Become more confident in Maths and score as many marks as possible in the Primary 5 and PSLE Math Exams
  • Make fewer careless mistakes
  • Score higher or even full marks in Problem Sums

We can help you!

Through our unique way of teaching P5 – P6  Maths, your child will

  • Quickly gain self-confidence
  • Be equipped with skills and ability to score high marks in tests and exams

With this new increased level of confidence, your child will understand new concepts faster and regularly score higher marks than before.

Our Dedicated Teachers

Your child will be taught by highly experienced former school teachers who have a proven track record in helping students score higher marks in Math. In addition, these teachers have won MOE awards and have taught P5 – P6 Math in their respective schools.

What We Do

  • Our teachers will thoroughly teach your child the key concepts of the PSLE Maths syllabus.
  • We strive to help your child to understand all the questions by teaching them to identify and underline all the important keywords.
  • Next, we teach your child the most efficient strategies and techniques to solve the question correctly.
  • Finally, we teach your child to check the answers by substituting the answers into the questions

Most parents begin to feel more anxious when their child begins Primary 5 or Primary 6. This is because the Primary Math exam will now be more difficult to score high marks in. Furthermore, being well prepared for the PSLE Math exam is so important and it is crucial that your child do well in Math during these years.

Your child will also most likely be most stressed during these years, especially when your child feels lost and does not understand how to do better.

Get Help Early Through Our PSLE Maths Tuition!

Don’t wait for your child to do badly in Maths before you seek help. The more time your child has to pre­pare for the PSLE Maths, the greater your child’s chances in get­ting the dream result!!!

Just Imagine. Through Our PSLE Maths Tuition Program, Your Child Will Be Able To:

  • Qualify for the best secondary school with greater confidence…
  • Being able to enroll into Math specific niche programs…
  • Unleash your child’s passion in Maths…

And That’s Just For Starters!

Our Teachers have personally coached many students from various schools get A* in their Maths PSLE.

Why We Are Able To Help Children Succeed

We firmly believe that doing well in Math should be made easy. In fact, it is the one subject where a student can score full marks in!

But why do students do badly in Maths then? Sadly, most students who do badly in Maths may have simply not been taught the most efficient and easily understood technqiues or were not taught in the way that best fits their learning styles in their schools.

We have taught many students across a broad spectrum of ability in solving Maths questions. Some were already doing very well in school but there were also many who were weaker.

When they first began their lessons, they were not “A” grade students but they were willing to work hard to succeed. They were not ready to give up. After only a few PSLE Maths tuition lessons with us, their grades started to improve significantly.

...When We Were In Primary Six, Our Mathematics Were Not Very Stable Then, With Grades Ranging From Middle Range B To A Low A. Ever Since Mr Tan Started Teaching Us, Our Grades Significantly Improved, Scoring As High As Even An A*.

Jackie & Joey

Primary 6, Ai Tong Primary

“We Are What We Repeatedly Do; Excellence, Then, Is Not An Act, But A Habit.”

— Aristotle

Practice makes perfect. Your child will be provided with work-sheets that have been carefully crafted according to the latest Exam requirements and each tuition lesson is specially designed for the students in the class. This means that we teach the students at the level that best benefits them and the topics they need the most.

I know what you are thinking,“Every PSLE Maths tuition centre says the same thing. How do I know you are for real?” I understand and guess what, you are right, but only partially. You see, we have the RESULTS to prove it!

I Had Been Constantly Failing My Maths Since P5. After A Few Lessons With Mr Darrin Tan, I Finally Passed My Maths And Got A ‘B’ For My PSLE.

Rebecca Chay

Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary

Mr Darrin Tan Is My Daughter’s Maths Tutor. Since He Started Tutoring Her, My Daughter’s Confidence In Math Has Increased Tremendously. With Darrin’s Constant Encouragement, She Has Become More Motivated To Do Well In Her Maths. In The SA 1 This Year, She Even Scored 100 Marks!

Mrs Yvonne Chong

Mother Of Chloe (St. Nicholas Girls’ School)

We Have Helped So Many Students Achieve Success. Now, Let Us Help You Too!

We place great emphasis on teaching students how to frame the questions by drawing the correct models to solve Problem Sums.

By using the methods and techniques that we teach in our classes, our Primary Maths Tuition has helped MANY students score ‘A’ and ‘A*’!

Even students who have not done well previously (one student was scoring 29 / 100 in Primary 6, CA1) have also seen SIGNIFICANT improvement in their grades, just after a few lessons!

Come join us and discover how we have helped our students achieve fantastic results!

We Engage Your Child In Maths

What if my child is really, really weak in Maths?

Are you sure you can really help my child do better in PSLE Maths or even get an ‘A*’ in PSLE Maths?
Your concern is absolutely valid. But, I have much expe-rience turning children around who have been previously labelled as ‘weak’ or ‘hopeless’ in Maths into students who scoreSPECTACULAR results in their Examinations, not in months, but in WEEKS!

I have tried so many PSLE Maths Tuition centres in the past. They all say they can deliver results but they have all disappointed me.

How do I know I can trust you?

Many parents who meet us for the very first time, have all voiced similar concerns. The fact is this. There are indeed so many tuition centres in Singapore offer-ing PSLE Maths Tuition. In fact, there are already 6 along the street where my centre is located! But most of the time, their Maths lessons are taught in HUGE class sizes, sometimes 15 — 20 students in a class! My personal view is this: How effective can the lesson be when there are so many students in the class? With that size, there is not much difference between their classes in school! Students who are shy or are slower will not want to ask questions too!

Effective teaching can only be achieved when the class size is small so that the teacher can make sure every student, even the weakest student, learns something at the end of the lesson. At Knowledge Trail, our classes have usually only 4 — 6 students in each class. This means that your child will be taught effectively by the end of every lesson.

Secondly, the PSLE Maths tuition teacher employed in some of these centres may not be experienced classroom teachers or former school teachers. (The teaching qualification awarded by NIE does mean something!) These ‘teachers’ at these centres may be excellent students themselves in the past and have scored excellent results in their own examinations, but that doesn’t make them excellent teachers, does it?

Are you going to simply just photostat questions from assessment books or print past year exam papers?

No, we are not. Let’s face it. Anybody can do the above. Print papers and tell students to do them and disguise it under “Drill and Practice.” This is a waste of time and will often lead parents to wonder, “How come my child practiced so much but still cannot do better?”

I agree, wholeheartedly, that the best way to do well in Maths, not just for the PSLE, but at any level, is to PRACTICE. But this alone is NOT ENOUGH, because, the practice must be accompanied by proper teaching by an effective teacher.

Furthermore, the worksheets need to be of high quality that really focus on helping the students master techniques and strategies to do better in PSLE Maths, especially in Problem Sums.

Our worksheets are carefully designed to help the students master the Maths concepts that will be tested in the exams. These worksheets, coupled by our Teachers’ experience in teaching and delivering results, have proven to be VERY USEFUL in helping students identify the different types of questions that can appear in thePSLE. The worksheets come packed full of notes, examples and Practice PSLE Maths questions that will help your child get better results very quickly.

Useful Links

If you wish to find out what the PSLE Maths syllabus covers, you may view the latest PSLE or Primary Maths syllabus here.

How does greater self-confidence in Maths help children do better? This is particularly helpful.

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