Primary English

Dear Concerned Parents,


Primary school education is one of the crucial elements of your child’s formative years, even more so for lower primary students as it establishes the foundation to better absorb advanced subject matters. That is why, as parents ourselves, we empathise with your persistent search for schools that offer a well-rounded academic and co-curricular programme for your child. Some of us would even go as far as volunteering time outside of our busy schedules, just for a better chance of securing a place in a prestigious school.


But what happens after your child starts attending school? We have heard from so many parents who have come through our doors sharing their concerns :


“My child is writing in broken sentences! How can I get him to write them correctly?”


“My child has plenty of story ideas but when he writes, the story is either out of point or just simply too draggy. What’s wrong?


“How can I get my child to read more?”


“My child reads a lot but why isn’t she able to answer the Comprehension questions correctly?


Here at Knowledge Trail, we understand your frustration and your child’s difficulty. The best part is that Knowledge Trail’s English Tuition curriculum from Primary 1 to 4 is designed to address those concerns by:

Improving reading ability, increasing general knowledge and building an extensive vocabulary through levelled readers (Reading *A-Z series) and other current articles

Tackling comprehension tests with ease through practising comprehension skills and answering techniques

Spark critical thinking skills through the sharing of thoughts and ideas during discussion of the text

Fluency in spoken and written expressions through honing creative writing skills

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