Mr Rizal Jailani

“I am honored to be a partner with you in your child’s quest for knowledge. I shall passionately engage your child in learning the key concepts that will help them do BETTER.”

Mr Rizal is both an experienced and passionate educator. He has the ability to customize his approach to teaching to meet individual student’s needs. He has taught high-achieving pupils as well as those who need much needed help in reinforcing the foundations of subject mastery.

Mr Rizal has taught English, Math and Science at Upper Primary levels, of which 7 years were spent teaching Primary 6 classes. He often uses ICT to engage pupils attention to the lesson/subject matter at hand as well as enhance pupils understanding. He firmly believes in mindmapping and uses it extensively to get pupils to consolidate their learning – especially for Science and beginning as early as Primary 3.

Mr Rizal’s lessons are never dull and sombre with productive interactions and questionings. Out of the many success stories he has, he remembers one vividly as he had helped a pupil scoring U grade for math at the beginning of the year and eventually achieving a C grade despite having only less than 8 months to prep him for PSLE! He believes that pupils must be made aware and be proactive in their own learning and aims for them to be self-directed learners and critical thinkers of tomorrow.


  • 12 years of school teaching experience
  • Former Head of Department (HOD covering), English
  • Conducted several workshops with the main focus on enhancing pupils’ reading for understanding
  • Former Subject Head (ICT)
  • Conducted sharing at both cluster and national level – MOE ICT connection & ExCelFest on the use of Mindmeister – an online, web-based mind-mapping tool – for the teaching of Science concepts

Star Qualities

  • Strong ability to teach English, Maths and Science
  • Able to adopt a multi-sensory approach to pupils’ understanding of concepts
  • Able to break down complex mathematical heuristics and scientific concepts into ‘bite-sized’ chunks to aid pupils’ understanding and desired mastery

Schools Taught

  • North View Primary School, Yishun (2003 – 2014)

Knowledge Trail Learning Centre

Established in 2009, Knowledge Trail Learning Centre is more than just a tuition centre that helps students excel in academics.