Upper Secondary A Maths

We Supply Your Child The Tools Needed To Score A1 Or A2 For The ‘O’ Level Additional Math Using Our Proven 4-Step Process… See Your Child Improve In 7 Lessons!

Since 2010, we have enabled hundreds of students to score their desired grades at the O Levels. Here’s how we did it.

Identifying The Problem

In Additional Maths, There Are Many Important Concepts That Students MUST Know In Order To Do Well. But Students Struggle To Remember Them And Don’t Know When Or How To Use Them To Answer Questions. Using Our Proven Process, Your Child Will Remember The Needed Concepts And Learn How To Apply Them Effectively.

Proven 4-Step Process

This is the system that we have used to consistently help many of our students score their A1 and A2 in Additional Math. Over the years, we have made refinements but it essentially boils down to..

  1. Understand The Question
  2. Remember the Formulas (we call them “Tools”)
  3. Solve the Question Step-by-Step, Avoiding Common Careless Pitfalls
  4. Check for Correctness

When your child joins us, we will teach your child this process that has helped make scoring A1 or A2 in Additional Math look easy year after year!

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