P3 and P4 Science

Greetings parents!

  • Are you anxious if your child can cope with learning a brand new subject?
  • Worried that your child might not grasp scientific concepts?
  • Concerned that he/she might not get a good headstart?

We aim to instil and cultivate a voracious curiosity for Science in our pupils in the pursuit of Science Mastery!

  • Child becomes more interested to learn and may even want to explore more on their own
  • Leading to increased confidence – always a good thing!
  • Ultimately, improvements in academic performance

By using our Framework above, we help your child …

  • Gain more confidence in understanding the Science concepts tested in the PSLE Science Syllabus through detailed notes and worksheets
  • Visualise the concepts that are being taught through ICT so that students can remember the key points faster
  • Score higher or even full marks in Multiple-Choice Questions AND in short answer questions by using the correct keywords in the answers for tests and examinations
  • Qualify for the best schools and enrol into niche programmes requiring an “A Star” in PSLE Science
  • Unleash the natural curiosity in Science by being engaged in, and learning through Hands-On Experiments. (Science is all around us!)
  • Your child will be taught by Experienced FORMER Primary School Science Teachers who have helped their students achieve the best results in Primary Science.

We recognise that preparing early helps your child become more confident in Science. Register a free trial lesson now with us!

Does your child need guidance or help to score excellent results in Science?

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