P3 and P4 Mathematics

Math is now more complicated than before and your child may be showing signs of having difficulty in understanding the concepts or solving problem sums.

How we help your child


We Begin By First Teaching Your Child To

  • Totally Under­stand The Ques­tion And Make Sense Of TheKEY Impor­tant Phrases In The Question.

  • Frame The Ques­tion In Sim­ple Parts.

  • Form Pos­si­ble Strate­gies And Choos­ing The Best Strat­egy To Solve The Problem.

  • Check That The Answer Obtained Is Cor­rect By Sub­sti­tut­ing It Back Into The Question.

Lastly, we advocate practice. We believe that in order to have sustained improvement, your child need to have opportunities to practice and have his or her doubts clarified. We do that by providing your child with week-to-week work-sheets that prepare  them to excel in Maths in school.

“You’ll Never Change Your Life Until You Change Something You Do Daily. The Secret Of Your Success Is Found In Your Daily Routine.”

— John C. Maxwell

Very often, your child will learn not just one, but a number of Model Drawing strategies. The reason is because different type of questions require different model drawing techniques. Your child will learn how to recognise the questions, which model to draw for different questions and how to use them to correctly solve the problems.

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